We are a group of professionals specialised in different disciplines, with more than 30 years of experience in the world of exterior wood carpentry, who in 2008 undertook a business project, creating Arcis.

Carpentry is a traditional and artisan activity that requires experience and know-how. The constant incorporation of technology and improvements in processes allows us to offer a high-quality product and outstanding service that has allowed us to become so highly renowned in the market.

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At Arcis, we develop entrances. Entrance doors for single-family homes, residential buildings, commercial premises, singular buildings… with wood as the dominant and integrating element.

We believe in the entrance as a key element to distinguish an architectural ensemble.

Design, style, insulation, and security are attributes we have in mind. We offer our collection of approved and certified entrance doors, developed to guarantee levels of protection and insulation that ensure the interior well-being of a home.


At Arcis, we focus on maximum quality, both in our product and service. We comply with the European Construction Products Regulation Nº305/2011, which endorses our quality management system in manufacturing our products.

We comply with the harmonised standard UNE-EN 14351-1, which indicates the performance that must be declared in external pedestrian doors, and our carpentry systems are tested by an approved body that certifies the results according to standards EN 12207, EN 12208, EN 12210, ISO 10077-1, and ISO 10077-2, which guarantee the quality of our products and the levels of insulation they provide.

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